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Full Stack Cloud Developer” course on St Bit is a comprehensive professional certificate program designed to equip learners with the skills and knowledge required to become proficient full-stack cloud developers. Participants will learn to design, develop, and deploy cloud-based applications using a combination of front-end, back-end, and DevOps technologies. Through hands-on projects and real-world scenarios, students will gain practical experience in building scalable and secure cloud solutions. This course is ideal for individuals interested in pursuing a career in cloud computing and application development.

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There are 9 modules in this course

The Full Stack Cloud Developer” course consists of several modules that cover a range of essential topics. Learners will explore cloud architecture and deployment, gaining an understanding of various cloud platforms. They will delve into full-stack development using modern technologies, including front-end frameworks, back-end languages, and databases. The course emphasizes building scalable and secure applications, and participants will also learn about DevOps practices and automation for efficient software development and deployment.

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